Corporate film for your future.

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You and your company are dedicated to making an investment in the future. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), along with sustainability and fairness are becoming increasingly important to your business.

You want to be a frontrunner; a true innovator.
The corporate documentary is an excellent way to tell the story of your significance to a sustainable future.

Mind4Media enables you and your company to convey your message more clearly than ever.
Video is our medium, documentary is our speciality.
Director Jhein Lohman has over 35 years of corporate film making experience and works with a skilled and dedicated team.
We are inspired by the digital information sharing revolution.
We are inspired by global efforts to make business sustainable, fair and future-minded.
Mind4Media is dedicated to creating a concise, attractive video project to communicate your unique message.
The change you are making deserves to be seen.
You ought to share it with video; share it with the world.

What we offer you is an authentic, interactive documentary about your business.
We remain true to documentary making traditional sense, but work directly with you rather than a broadcasting channel.
The World Wide Web is our channel.
This opens up opportunities for interactivity: your film starts with a two minute trailer, after which each viewer may choose what scene to watch next from a menu.

We also offer the possibility to join forces with other like-minded businesses.
Various angles and voices add to the narrative of the documentary, while lowering production costs for your business.